The Soul of Rock and Roll Welcomes the New President of the United States: President Obama


It's been quite a historic day here in the States. Fittingly the day after we take a holiday to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, the first African American President, Barack Obama, was sworn into office... and there was much rejoicing across the world.

It may seem odd to mention, even briefly, events such as these (or holidays and other random things) on a rock and roll blog, but I'd like to think that these little tidbits might offer a little insight into the inner workings of the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll... the mind behind the musical obsession if you will. If anything I like the fact that my mentions of holidays and some major events offers some context for the rest of my work. You can read an article and see what date it was written, but if you then see that the day prior I mentioned the presidential election, it might offer a little insight into what I was thinking when I wrote that piece. They serve as a good reminder that the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll is an evolving creature that although perhaps not "with it" does exist as part of these times and acknowledges that fact.

Then again maybe they don't provide that subtle context at all...

If not that, I do like to provide a little musical tidbit to go along with the holiday/event. You could call it proof that music exists in all factors of our lives if you want. I call it a manifestation of my obsession with music... the fact that I interpret these events through a musical lens... but to each their own.

Take the Presidential Inauguration that took place yesterday. I think the event as a whole was actually well summarized by the musical choice President Obama made for his first dances at the various presidential balls..."At Last", by the incredible Etta James. Easily one of, if not THE most powerful and chilling soul/r&b song of all time, it really seemed to capture the emotions so many were feeling at this event... a great choice in my opinion.

Or maybe it was just a coincidence? I don't know...

In either case, the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll would like to welcome our new president to office, and wish him, his family, staff, cabinet etc. the best of luck and support in accomplishing the goals they have set. I don't know what kind of tunes President Obama is into, but I don't think he can go wrong keeping the Etta James playing as inspiration during his first few weeks in office.

Tomorrow... back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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